Quantico Marine Museum, was inspired by the Iwo Jima flag raising.  Click for the Cane Man for the Orthopedic Canes Don gives out to the wounded.

This new web site is to provide you with links to locations on the internet that I find helpful to Marines both active and inactive, a Guide to Helpful Links for Marines, Active and/or Veterans.

A lot of Marines do not know what to do after their discharge, some do nothing and thats fine, later on in life they may change their minds. This web site may help you decide if you want to volunteer or not and where to look if you do. Browse thru here and find what you like. I will be adding links as I get them. Turn your speakers on with links at bottom of page. Enjoy, OOHRAH!

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Marines Info & Photos

The Cane Man
Walking Wounded Canes

Marines Care
Marines Care Program

MCL FL # 383
MCL FL # 383

MCL NJ # 206
MCL NJ # 206

Marine Corps League
Marine Corps League

Operation Jersey Cares
Operation Jersey Cares Foundation

Semper Fi Fund
Semper Fi Fund Organization

USMC Law Enforcement
USMC Law Enforcement Foundation

MCL NE Division
MCL NE Division

Disabled American Veteran
DAV Organization

American Legion
American Legion Organization

Marine Families
Run For The Fallen

So Md Marines
Southern Maryland Marines

Marines of Long Ago
Marines of All Ages

NJ206 Reports
Eddies Hospital Reports

the Old Corps
the Old Corps (new site)

Seamus Garrahy
Face of America Ride

VWF Museum
Vietnam War Foundation

MCL Dept. NJ
MCL Dept. NJ

Korean War Veterans
KWVA Organization

Fisher House
Fisher House Foundation

Heart of a Marine
Foundation for Canes, Clothes, etc.

Chris Cosgrove
Chris Cosgrove Foundation

Family - Friends 4 Freedom
FFFF Foundation

Legacy of a Hero
Legacy of a Hero Foundation

Wounded Warrior Regiment
Wounded Warrior Regiment East Face Book

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